Sasha Innovations Private Limited, is one of the best Digital Marketing and GIS based agencies in Pune. We provides customers with essential Digital Marketing Solutions and GIS Services in Pune and around neighboring cities of Pune. We’ll assist you with your requirements with our effectively modified plans that suits the business needs and help grow your customer base.

For GIS needs, Sasha Innovations Private Limited, aims in providing data using Aerial Surveying using Drones/UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Data Management and Data Sorting, Digital Cartography and Digitization.

We provide effective Digital Marketing campaigns that match your requirements and customer base. We also handle Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management and assist your business grow with essential and well planned campaigns.



Digital cartography is the new era of creating maps. We aim at creating digital maps and map layouts as per business and location requirements. A map would display accurate information once it is registered with correct real-world coordinates. With our services we would offer accurate Geo-referencing as per your requisite.

Digitization services would include converting physical documents into digital copies of data such as road/street networks. Data would be generated using software that our experts have hands on experience and therefore promising accuracy, high precision and quality products.

Data management and sorting would include reordering records with spatial and/or non spatial data like feature class, shapefiles or table, excel spreadsheets based on data requirements using tools that would enhance, develop, manage, and maintain data. 


Aerial survey is the process of image acquisition of a surface from an elevated position. Nowadays specialists widely use manned (airplanes, helicopters, balloons, etc.) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV drones) fitted with cameras, radar or laser for capturing high spatial resolution and good quality images, which display the real situation on the surface

The key benefits of an aerial survey is rapid capture speed, great visualisation and in many cases reduced costs

Aerial surveying is best utilized for large areas which would otherwise be unable to be captured by traditional means, or would take numerous site visits and staff hours to cover.

We aim in providing drone services for business engaged in aerial data acquisition and analysis. We offer cost-effective quality services with high speed and best in class accuracy.



There are almost 2 billion registered websites currently in the world and it definitely states, why, it is so important for a business to have a website. We help businesses build Static and Dynamic websites according to the needs. Keeping SEO in consideration, we build single page and/or multipage website including Logo Designing for the brand or the company.

Our content writing and graphic designing team together, would help your website look and feel responsive and design it to be loaded both, on desktops and mobile devices. We are specialized in creating informative and E-commerce websites.


Almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of July 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very crucial technique or process for people who depend on their websites to bring them business. Or are trying to do so.  Merely having an online presence by way of a website doesn’t serve any purpose if various pages of the website are not optimized with search engines in mind. SEO is a technique with the help of which a site attains a position in search engine.  Depending on how well the website is optimized and marketed will decide its position in Search Engines.  

Thus we can conclude that SEO is the heart of any business website. A healthy heart will lead to a problem free prosperous life. So will a well optimized website be. A profitable venture. We understand that, “Keywords are very crucial in the web” and therefore, we would generate relevant content that matters and further, the SEO can generate more sales to the business.

Get Your Traffic To Explode – Use Social Media!

There are nearly 500 million daily active users on Facebook & Instagram. It is easy to use hashtag strategy to reach a good number of audience.

It is a simple equation. More traffic to the website means more sales. More sales leads to more successful business.

We all want more traffic to our site, right? You may not realize it, but social media sites have more traffic than Google. And if you use the right strategies and tactics to put yourself in front of that traffic, then you don’t have rely on Google to get traffic to your sites.  And best of all, you don’t have to worry about expensive AdWords campaigns or other forms of advertising.

We have our well designed Social Media Marketing strategies that would target the specific audience that are searching for the product which would drive more traffic to your website and indeed convert more sales to your product and the business.

Creative Development & Content Marketing:

The only way that can not only put you on top but also help you retain that position is- qualitative content! Good content is not only agreeable for the search systems but is also pleasing for the visitors. Useful information in turn transforms the visitors to captive audience of your project, which surely is the keystone to a successful project.

Unique & good contents are easily placed with other projects. But be wary of people who ignore rules of a good form & give out the text for personal. When your content gets accommodated on pages of others’ sites, you receive expansion of number of links to your site, consequently an improved position of your project on the search delivery. For this, placing of articles on free article directories with links to your sites, is essential.

Thus if content determines ranging of a site in search system results, qualitative & unique texts are a must for successful online-project development.