The year 2020 was all about staying healthy and about maintaining ones, Health & Fitness. We started working with, “The Weekend Express!” in April 2020, during the most crucial times of the year (Pandemic). On the website, visitors can read and share blogs on how one can stay healthy and how someone can maintain themselves. Precisely, we started the blog on 26th April 2020 and on 26th May 2020, we completed more than 1000+ unique visitors on the blog.

We help create content keeping SEO in mind and promote it on Social Media and many other platforms where readers actually enjoyed viewing the content. We also ran paid ads to get followers on the Facebook page of, “The Weekend Express!”. In one month we acquired more than 500+ followers on the blog and got a great 2K+ reach and engagement on certain posts. We also included Amazon Affiliate Marketing on the blog, which resulted in a healthy payments in the past months.

In December 2020, Google AdSense was officially approved on the blog, as we modified the blog, created content and pages which used SEO techniques, promoted the website in no time. The blog is now successfully running and viewers can check it HERE.

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